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Sometimes it’s difficult to see changes within ourselves. Often times, family members and loved ones see it first – forgetting names and words, behaving in ways we didn’t before, becoming more frustrated than usual, or having problems completing once simple tasks. These changes can impact both the young and old, may or may not be attributable to the normal aging process, and can represent both acute or chronic changes in one’s physical or psychological status.  Before referring a loved one for a neuropsychological evaluation, Dr. Kono suggests having him/her first obtain a medical and/or psychiatric evaluation to address these changes.


When loved ones begin experiencing cognitive difficulties, the responsibility can occasionally fall upon family members to act as their advocate, particularly when the cognitive or behavioral changes are significant. At times, it is the people in one’s life (e.g., family, caregivers, friends, spouses, etc.) that end up struggling the most. As a clinician, Dr. Kono not only places importance on educating and providing emotional support for those undergoing neuropsychological testing, but often involves family members and loved ones (with permission from the patient) in the evaluation process (i.e., feedback session and consultation). For some families or loved ones, they may need additional support beyond the limitations of the evaluation process, at which point, Dr. Kono can help them access other mental health services (e.g., therapy, support groups, etc.).


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There are several organizations that offer support groups, education, and other resources to individuals whose family member or loved one is experiencing mental illness, or for those providing caregiver support.


For San Francisco residents:


Family Caregiver Alliance (National Center on Caregiving)

785 Market Street, Suite 750

San Francisco, CA 94103

P: 800.445.8106

For more information, click here.


National Alliance on Mental Illness (California)

1851 Heritage Lane, Suite 150

Sacramento, CA 95815

P: 800.950.6264 (Helpline – Monday through Friday, 10:00AM to 6:00PM EST)

P: 916.567.0163

F: 916.567.1757


For more information, click here.

2918 Webster Street, San Francisco, CA  94123

P: 415.430.5060     F: 415.373.4649


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