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Referring providers often include physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and social workers. Patients are typically referred for a neuropsychological evaluation to address various changes in cognitive, psychological, and/or functional status, obtain a cognitive baseline, and/or provide diagnostic clarification. Dr. Kono works alongside referring providers in determining referral questions (i.e., purpose of testing), and how test results can help inform their work with a patient.  


Referral questions often focus on (but are not limited to):


  • Differential psychiatric diagnosis

  • Treatment planning

  • Behavioral management problems

  • Assessment of functional status (e.g., can someone live independently, etc.)

  • Ability to work (e.g., SDI/SSDI)

  • Mild cognitive impairment vs. dementia

  • Diagnostic clarification


Neuropsychological testing can also assist attorneys in determining a patient's testamentary, financial, and/or medical competency. Dr.  Kono has extensive experience conducting capacity evaluations and working with local authorities in assessing for elder abuse (e.g., financial abuse, undue influence, etc.).


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